Different Types Of Yoga And Their Benefits

different types of yoga and their benefits

Are there any distinctions between the popular kinds of Yoga and the not so popular ones? Nothing! Furthermore, the only difference is that while one is widely practiced while the other is not. In this article, we will be discussing what are the different types of yoga and its benefits.

It is an individual that determines the type of exercise they like and practice. Though people practice some of the popular kinds of yoga majorly for health purposes

If you are just beginning to practice yoga or a first-timer, you need to make sure that you understand what suits your needs the best. The most important factor to consider before embarking on any exercise is your fitness level.


Types And Benefits Of Yoga


Iyanga is strictly based on positioning and perfect movements. Whenever Iyanga is being practiced, way props like blocks and straps are used for rookies who are not flexible like the professionals in this practice.

By making use of these props, it assists the new learner to relax and provide comfort thereby promoting positive results.


The Ashtanga

This is popular power yoga, it is so named because of the powerful movements which it entails.

The movements executed comprised of lunges and push-ups which help to build stamina and strength. What kind of individuals practice this type of yoga? Ashtanga is suitable for people seeking stimulating moves.

You can easily find gymnasts; cyclists and athletes all from the physical fitness industry that have embraced this form of yoga to integrate additional balance to their focus to assist them in their pursuit of gold.


Bikram Yoga

This is the kind of yoga where practices are done in an extremely warm room, it is also called hot yoga. It offers a fantastic way to enhance flexibility as heat can expand the body’s tissue.

Health problems such as heart diseases put this yoga out of bounds to people with such conditions. This is because the energetic procedures practiced in the extremely heated room causes a lot of stress on the body


Raji Yoga

A happy mind signifies a happy body and soul. Raji yoga meets the needs for contentment and happiness in people. It ensures freedom through meditation. In addition, when you are practicing Raji yoga, concentration is a very important factor.



Regarded as devotional yoga; it demands the participants to concentrate on self-submission.

Though a few yoga types might sound a bit dreadful in what you are expected to do, don’t be hasty to make conclusions. Simply give it a try!


Mantra Yoga

Referred to as the yoga of powerful – target emancipation through the psychological or vocal reiteration of sounds

Finally, physical and mental torments experienced by patients with stress-related conditions are seeking solutions in yoga, because yoga is nature’s natural therapy for pain.


Hopefully, you were able to sort out the different types of yoga and their benefits and have chosen your preferred one to practice!

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