What Your Dressing Fashion Say About You?

Dressing Fashion

Having remained consistent with your preferable fashion, this could be the time to have a deeper reality check. Figure out, if you’ve become trapped in your preferred dressing fashion or if it’s still possible for you to get out of the old fashion and embrace a new one.


Dressing Fashion Evaluation

Do nervous or confused individuals tend to overdress more than other people? Absolutely yes, confused or nervous individuals tend to overdress. They try to use their excessive dressing to conceal their subjugation.

Are self-confident simple dressers truly proud? Absolutely yes, proud individuals dress less because they believe that dressing doesn’t make them more respectable the way their confident personality can overcome their modish sense of fashion.

Are excessively dressed colleagues or friends getting more chances in the workplace? Nope, excessively dressed colleagues or friends will always find themselves overdress anywhere. That is because they don’t have any particular place to dress in their stylish fashions.


Stylish Dressing

Occasionally, when you see a colleague in the store, they could be putting on their stylish clothing just to make a point that they don’t have anywhere to wear their stylish clothes too.

“I don’t have a suitable cloth for the occasion or anything to put on” are these types of individuals truly unsatisfied? Yes, and quite a lot of us have this many times in our lifetimes. We refused to attend an event because we don’t have anything to wear.

Check the wardrobe and see all the latest fashions of clothes hanging there. Yet, we are not satisfied with the styles in our wardrobe.

Is it right for people to brag about the cost of their stylish clothes? Certainly not! People that need to improve on their confidence generally won’t have time to brag about the cost of their clothes.

Instead, they would search for the social status of the fashion for increased importance on the cost and the statement they can make with the stylish dressing fashion.


Excessive Dressing

Are people who dress excessively are usually depressed? Regardless of what the temperature is, excessively dressed people are seeking attention for companionship.

A person who dresses and excessively wraps himself the way the baby is wrapped is feeling isolated and needs attention.

Since kids have different dresses and their sense of fashion is also different, when they get older will they retain their sense of dressing fashion? No. Teenagers’ sense of fashion is more of an impulsive expression.

During the teen years, there is a variety of fashion preferences, but when adulthood is attained, the sense of fashion will reflect style and authority.


Skimpy Clothes

Can people who dressed in shorts or dress simply be regarded as rebellious? Certainly yes! People who wear skimpy clothes are the perfect opposite of those who dressed excessively.

This category of people will put on scanty clothes to help their internal feelings of extreme protection. The scantier the clothes they wear, the easier it becomes for them to go completely unclothed when they feel overclothed.


Dressing Neatly

Are people who dress neatly more fashionable or possess a superior sense of dressing fashion? No, this might be an impression they create with their sense of dressing just to make a more profound statement.

People who dress neatly straighten their ties, clean off any dirt on their jacket just to attract the attention of others.


Casual Style

Do you dress casually? If your answer to this question is yes, it means you are comfortable with whatever cloth you put on. You don’t need to buy the latest fashion to make any statement or proof of anything to others.



Given that you are now well informed about the many situations that surround buying and wearing of fashion, where exactly do you belong?

Are you a confident individual, simple or you don’t have the boldness and self-willed to move out of the old and embrace contemporary dressing fashion?

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