6 Natural Looking Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

natural looking makeup tips

1. Avoid Using Excessive Makeup

Makeup is intended to make you more beautiful and not to attract undesirable attention to you. Wearing excessive makeup will only draw negative attention; it will give you unnecessary attention. Don’t overuse any of the following:

i) Eyeliner: darkish, heavy eyeliner can make you look burnt and will mess up what’s left of your makeup.

ii) Mascara: excessive mascara appears artificial and will flake. It seems terrible if used with heavy eyeliner or dark blue eyeshadow.

iii) Foundation: Make sure that your foundation has the same color with your skin. Foundation is supposed to safeguard and provide the face a soft look.  Blend is the secret word.

iv) Powder: The same applies for powder – not excessive. In addition, ensure that you properly blend your makeup such that there are no noticeable lines.


2. Lips

Rub the lip liner to enclose the lips entirely, include color to make your lipstick last for a longer time. Ensure your lip liner is not showing. Furthermore, the color of your lip should complement the tone of your skin.

Dress in cool colors if you have cool coloring and if your coloring is warm, dress in warm colors. If you wish to make your lips appear smaller, your liner should be kept on the inner part of your lips.

However, if you want to make your lips look bigger, it will be a mistake to go outside the natural shape of your lips. This may seem quite awful and unpleasant.


3. Proper Makeup

Put on makeup that is appropriate for the event. If you are heading to the beach, don’t put on the same or as much makeup as if you were attending a party. In addition, in daytime, put on a lighter makeup than you would in the evening.


4. Inadequate or No Makeup

Many women don’t use makeup because they are confused on how to apply it and are scared of overdoing it. If you are not certain, begin will light colors that complements your tone.

Begin gradually and include one product per time. You can probably begin with foundation, include mascara, lipstick or blush.

If you are not accustomed to using makeup, applying so much a first could be a bit excessive for you, therefore begin slowly. The important thing is that a little is preferable to none. If you are still uncertain get a professional help.


5. Overall Look

By the time you are done making up, you ought to look as natural as possible. That means staying away from conflicting colors.

If you have black skin and hair, darker shades will fit you more as lighter colors will make you look out of place. Light colors will be better on you if your hair and skin complexion are light as darkish makeup will make you look horrible.

And if your skin is oily, you need to use oil moisturizing cream and foundation at first, then apply loose powder, and have some pressed powder kept for touch-ups.


6. Hair Color

The color of your hair also needs to complement your skin. If your hair is black and you wish to add color, make it as close as possible to the original shade. In case your hair is light in color, make use of light colors.

As you get older your skins will starts lighten, and so must your hair color too. On a final note about hair color, if you ever decide to have your hair colored, ensure you maintain it; don’t allow the roots to show.


On a Final Note:

Ensure that your makeup stays fresh throughout the day by doing touch ups regularly. Don’t allow your makeup dwindle or wrinkle. Follow these natural looking makeup tips and smile a lot!

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