What Is Professional Women Attire And How To Choose A Suitable One

professional women attire

Have you ever at any time asked yourself why you could not get that desired job? You prepared for the interview, did your research on the firm, and seemed to be a qualified candidate during the interview.

Maybe, it was your choice of professional women’s attire that made the employer change his mind and opt not to employ you.

Even though the place you are seeking employment is only a restaurant or thrift shop, showing up in casual street clothes is a no-no. Choosing a suitable and elegant professional attire could increase or end your odds of landing the job.


Evaluate The Environment

The first thing you must do is to evaluate the environment of the organization you’re applying to. What is the setting like?  Is it an informal environment? Are there any cleaning tasks or stocking work carried out?

Or, is it a top organization where employees are regularly dressed in their best professional attire? Carry out some findings by going there one day to note what other personnel are putting on. Discuss with past employees about what the firm’s manager expects from an employee.

In case you are applying for a job with a big-league organization, like a bank, a big retail outlet, an investment firm, etc. Dress only in quality, sophisticated professional women’s attire.

It doesn’t matter if you are still in your 20s when you dress like you are ten years older; it ensures you a mature and professional presence.


Professional Women Attire Tips

For professional women’s attire, you may opt to put on a white button-down blouse, a black skirt, or pants, and complement it with flat black shoes.

Although this might be so different from your typical clothing. Keep in mind, you are seeking to present your finest professional image, not your tastes.

In case you use contacts, ensure you have your glasses on.  Tie your hair back in a tight ponytail or bun. Keep your Make-up to a minimum, don’t wear any shiny lipstick or eyeshadow. Professional women’s attire is centered on appearing smart and classy and having the ability to perform.

For men, depending on the reputation of the company, a good knit jumper with a collared shirt beneath might be adequate professional attire for a job interview.

If this is not adequate, stay with the plain pin-striped button-down shirt with a good tie and black or khaki pants. Tennis shoes are not allowed! Try out loafers or elegant, professional shoes.


What If Your Interview Is For Informal Organization Job?

In case you are interviewing for an informal organization (such as a pet shop, fast-food restaurant, or newspaper distribution) or a physical manual job, it might be a bit extreme to dress in dark tie professional women attire.

On the contrary, go for low-priced comfortable, professional attire, make sure not to wear blue jeans. Opt for casual cotton pants or tan corduroy and a long-sleeved woven shirt.

Make it simple, but ensure you show up well-shaven, smooth and cool. For ladies, including a set of small gold earrings. Men can complement their dressing with a good wristwatch.

Although professional women’s attire is essential in impressing your potential employer, ensure that you add extras that will make your face unforgettable. Smile a lot, speak clearly and confidently, understand the expected job responsibilities, and most importantly, be respectful and courteous.

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