5 Easy Ways to Repair Broken Makeup

repair broken makeup

Have you ever been applying your makeups at any time and the process has been going so smoothly, when all of a sudden, you made a mistake that wrecks all your good works?

Has there been a time you were forced to wipe off your makeup because you unintentionally messed up your makeup? Indeed you have, all of us have experienced it at one time or the other.

This article will reveal to you five of the most common mistakes along with the best ways to repair broken makeup without having to wipe off your whole makeup.

We believe that you will love these repair broken makeup tips and that they will assist you to improve your individual image without any difficulties.



This is a common mistake that all of us make while we apply makeup. If you are already through with your makeup application, to remove any surplus foundation, do these:

Add water gently to a clean sponge (the sponge must be nearly dry and having no makeup debris) and sponge every bit of your face with downward motions.

Hint: It’s essential most importantly, to prevent excessive foundation and concealer close to the eyes. To get rid of any surplus makeup in this area, repeat the same action and after that use the tips of your fingers to blur the makeup in that spot gently.



If you’ve over-applied the eyes shadow, or it appears excessively dark, observe these steps to solve the problem swiftly:

If it occurs on your upper eyelid, rub off the eyeshadow along the edges using a clean brush to decrease the color. In case it still appears extremely dark, rub some matte lotion eyeshadow using a brush (if cream eyeshadow is not available you can make use of translucent powder) and rub off the eyeshadow.

In case it occurs in the lower region of your eye, you can use a good clean brush to rub it off, or use a Q-tip to pat it gently.

If while you were rubbing it off, you left the line of the eyelid making the shadow to look extremely dark rub it off with a clean sponge and after that apply some foundation, patting gently to repair the foundation.



If you rubbed excessive blush, try out this:

Use a heavy loose powder brush to rub your cheek; the brush must be clean. In case you still have a lot of blush on your face, rub clear or translucent powder using the same brush, slightly on top of the blush.  With this, both powders should blend, showing the original color.



Anytime we rub excessive makeup on our eyebrows, we appear nasty, and we may not be able to recognize ourselves. Stick to the following suggestion to swiftly resolve this:

Just use a clean Q-tip to scrub the eyebrow, moving against your eyebrow’s grain. You will notice how swiftly the color you apply initially vanishes.



That’s okay. Just adhere to these tips, and you’ll notice how you can swiftly fix the problem:

Go on with your makeup application and when you’re through, give the mascara sufficient time to dry up, and apply a Q-tip on the stain. You’ll notice how it swiftly vanishes and you do not have to rub off the makeup from your entire eye.

Hint: An excellent strategy to avoid smearing yourself is to use makeup first on your inner eyelashes and then move to the outer.

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