Plus Size Woman Cocktail Dresses For Curvy Women


The cocktail dress is perhaps the most flexible apparel ever to be designed for gracing special events. Woman cocktail dresses are usually worn for events that take place in the evening.

Several woman cocktail dresses are now worn at many other events as well, according to the style as well as the material used to make the dress along with the accessories used together with it.


Cocktail Dress Wherever You Go

To attend a formal event dressed up in a cocktail dress, all that is required is to wear the dress accordingly, probably wear heavier makeup or some very flashy jewelry.

And if you need to put on something smart to your place of work for whatever purpose apart from the typical pantsuit or skirt, you can always rock a cocktail dress that is not extremely showy and merely add a blazer. You then complement it with a smart office shoe.


Most of the current styles used to design woman cocktail dresses have found their uses in other settings. Furthermore, they are not restricted anymore to just being a dress for a particular party.


Cocktail Dress For A Plus Sized Woman

Many women find it very complicated to choose the right styles of woman cocktail dresses to put on. After all, just a small percentage of women can claim to possess an impeccable body.

In addition, many women who are not gifted with the body and shape of supermodels prefer to conceal the imperfections of their shapes.


Dressing in one-piece clothes like woman cocktail dresses could very easily expose these imperfections if the cloth is not fitting to the body type of the wearer.

In selecting the perfect cocktail dress, it is essential for a woman to always put her body shape into consideration. What kind of body does she possess? Is she heavy at the top or the bottom?


If she happens to be heavy at the top, her goal should be to either attract focus to accentuate her cleavage or to dress in something that will draw attention to her legs.

If heavy at the bottom, her goal should be getting people’s attention to the upper area of her body and then the face.

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Heavy Bottom Ladies

What type of cocktail apparel would be suitable for a lady who is heavy at the bottom? As stated above, a lady with a large shape at the bottom would like to conceal the thickness of her thighs and hips.

A perfect cocktail dress that will be fitting for such a lady is a dress that fits the waist closely. In addition, not having the seams pressed out by additional padding in the stomach, accompanied by a skirt that flares out close to the thighs and hips.

Cocktail apparel with a full skirt will be appropriate for a lady with a heavy figure at the bottom. It will certainly conceal any bulges and flabbiness that she doesn’t wish to be noticed in the lower region of her body.


Alternative Options

Another available option for ladies who have this type of body is woman cocktail dresses with an empire-style waist. In this type of cocktail dress, the waist is positioned higher. As a result, it attracts the eyes to the face, neck, and shoulders.

It equally skims and drapes in the lower body. However, the downside of wearing this style of cocktail dress is that this style (empire style) is usually used for maternity apparel. A lady dressed in such styles could be mistaken as being pregnant.


Also, another alternative cocktail dress for heavy-bottom women is either strapless or sleeveless cocktail dresses. They equally have a flaring skirt, once more, exposing the shoulders and arms is an efficient way of getting people’s focus away from her hips.

For a lady who is heavy at the top, she may either accentuate her legs or cleavage, as previously stated. If she wishes to draw attention to her legs instead of cleavage, all she needs to do is to put on a cocktail dress that has a solid color at the top and use a patterned skirt to complement it. She could raise the edge of her skirt if she wishes to pull it shorter and attracts the focus to her legs.


Focusing On Legs

Likewise, if her goal is to get people to focus on her bounteous cleavage instead of her legs, she merely has to hide her legs by wearing a cocktail dress with a long skirt. In addition, exposing a little flesh on the upper parts of her body with a plunging or short-V-neck line.

She could attract focus to her legs and top by dressing in a short cocktail gown that has a low neckline. However, she must avoid wearing a cocktail gown with an excessively busy high. This would make the upper region of her body look more substantial and spoilt the poise of her shape.


Choosing Accessories

Accessories equally assist in maintaining the impression of a balance of a lady’s figure, apart from putting on the suitable type of cocktail gown.

Women with heavy bottom can put on glittering earrings, chokers, or necklaces. Women with heavy tops can do without the necklace and use a bracelet. Saying that, most importantly, they need to buy their cocktail dress before deciding on the type of shoes, bag, or accessories to dress in.

Woman cocktail dresses are flexible clothes that may be worn to any event that demands some measure of formality. Even though, it may not be a full formal event. It is essential that a woman picks the appropriate cocktail dress which can truly complement the kind of body she has.

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